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Solely for Tribes in ACF Regions V and VII

Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 5, 2012, 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Location: Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Green Bay, WI
Sponsored by the Midwest Child Welfare Implementation Center

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In 2008, the Children's Bureau expanded its National Child Welfare Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Network by establishing five regional Child Welfare Implementation Centers. The T/TA Network is designed to provide States and Tribes with information, training, technical assistance, research and consultation that supports their efforts to improve child welfare systems and achieve sustainable systemic change that yields improved outcomes for children, youth and families. MCWIC provides expertise in the implementation of systemic change through in-depth and long-term consultation and support to States and Tribes in ACF Regions V and VII. MCWIC invites you to attend this event at no cost to you or your agency.


  • Opportunities for peer-sharing on critical issues concerning Indian Child Welfare including presentations on: Alaska's Child Welfare Disproportionality Reduction Project with the Western and Pacific Implementation Center, and Wisconsin's "Best Outcomes for Indian Children" project
  • A keynote by Suzanne Koepplinger, Director of the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center in Minneapolis, MN
  • Facilitated topical discussions with other Tribal child welfare leaders and staff
  • Opportunities for interaction and consultation with representatives from the ACF Region V and Region VII offices


The Tribal Gathering is designed to facilitate peer learning and solution-focused dialogue on topics that have been identified by Tribal child welfare agencies in Regions V and VII. Each Tribe is invited to send a team of participants that reflects the Tribal child welfare agency's unique structure and needs, including child welfare administrators with policy and programmatic decision-making authority. The Midwest Child Welfare Implementation Center will provide reimbursement for all travel costs, accommodations,

and meal reimbursement for three representatives from each Tribe. MCWIC will also provide financial support for two representatives from each state whose work is directly focused on Indian Child Welfare and/or have responsibility for administering programs with IV-B tribal grant recipients. MCWIC encourages participation of additional individuals whose travel costs will be covered by their respective agencies.


Registration for this gathering is available here. If you need assistance in registering for this event, please contact Sarah Hansen. Please register by March 20, 2012.


MCWIC will provide reimbursement for travel costs, accommodations, and per diem for up to three representatives from each Tribal agency in ACF Regions V and VII that is a Title IV-B grant recipient and up to 2 State agency representatives. Reimbursement will be provided at the Federal Travel Reimbursement rates found at www.gsa.gov. Please indicate the planned method of travel on the registration form. All flight arrangements must be made through MCWIC's contracted travel agency by March 20, 2012. Tribes that are not Title IV-B funded are welcomed to attend the gathering at their own expense. Meals included as part of the meeting will be provided for all participants.


Sleeping rooms will be provided the nights of April 11-13 for all meeting participants to accommodate travel to and from the meeting location. Please indicate the nights you will require lodging on the online registration form. The Hilton President is smoke-free. MCWIC will place hotel reservations on behalf of all participants, and authorized room charges will be billed directly to MCWIC. Any additional discretionary charges will be the responsibility of the participant. A deposit is required upon check-in for incidental charges.


MCWIC will provide reimbursement for ground transportation costs for three representatives from each tribal agency and two state representatives as indicated above. The hotel offers a free shuttle to/ from the Austin-Straubel (GRB) airport. Participants who choose to drive to the meeting location will be reimbursed at the federal rate of $0.555/mile. Parking is complimentary at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.


The following meals will be provided as a part of the Tribal Gathering: Wednesday breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon break and dinner; Thursday breakfast, morning break, lunch. All other meals incurred while traveling will be reimbursed following per-diem guidelines for those eligible for reimbursement. Detailed receipts for all meal expenses are required. Receipts that are not itemized (such as a credit card receipt showing only total charges) will not be accepted.


Contact Sarah Hansen, Project Coordinator, Midwest Child Welfare Implementation Center, shansen7@unl.edu or call toll-free 888-523-8055.

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