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Iowa DHS 2010 Parent Partner Summit: Breaking Down Walls to Build Better Futures

Dates:Thursday and Friday May 13-14 2010

Location: Ramada Tropics Resort and Conference Center
5000 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines IA 50322
(Iowa DHS, with MCWIC support, hosted the summit)

In 2006, Iowa Department of Human Services began exploring the Parent Partner approach. The Parent Partner approach is an innovative change in social work practice that celebrates individuals that have overcome obstacles through change, recovery, and accountability, and uses their skills to work with families. These individuals who mentor families currently involved with DHS for child protection issues are known as Parent Partners. Parent Partners also work directly with child welfare workers, providers, and policy makers to influence helpful change in all areas of child protection and services.

In 2007, four pilot sites implemented the Parent Partner approach. Today, there are 13 sites, and there is support at the state level to expand Parent Partners statewide. Because of the interest in Iowa's Parent Partner approach, the Iowa Parent Partner Summit was designed as a multidisciplinary training for Parent Partners, coordinators, community providers, and child welfare staff and representatives from other states to share best practice, guide implementation, expand knowledge and skills, and build relationships.

Included below are videos of some of the presentations. These videos can be used to help inform new parent partners, DHS workers, or other stakeholders.


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