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Key Resources on Child Welfare Information Gateway Website:

  • Child Welfare Workload Compendium
    The Child Welfare Workload Compendium is an online searchable database of State and local child welfare workload initiatives. The Workload Compendium aims to provide public child welfare managers, administrators, and policymakers with information and tools for improving workload management, including studies, standards, legislation and policies, and other related resources. The database can be searched by State, category, date, and keyword.
  • Evaluation Toolkit and Logic Model Builder
    Helps child abuse prevention programs and programs providing postadoption services to identify anticipated outcomes, indicators of success and appropriate evaluation instruments. (Note: Anyone may use the tool. You will need to provide your email address and select a password to retain your work.)
  • How Federal Legislation Impacts Child Welfare Service Delivery
    Explains each step of the process and has a dynamic flow chart to navigate through the content.
  • Information Gateway Library
    More than 50,000 resources on topics ranging from prevention of child abuse and neglect to foster care and adoption. Many are full-text electronic documents.
  • National Foster Care and Adoption Directory
    State-by-State contact information for foster care and adoption-related organizations and services, including public and licensed private adoption agencies, support groups, State reunion registries, and State officials. Clustered results highlight agency services and languages spoken by staff.
  • Online Catalog - Series List
    Allows users to quickly find bulletins, factsheets, issue briefs, User Manuals, and other materials produced or distributed by Information Gateway.
  • Online Resources for State Child Welfare Law and Policy
    Links to publicly accessible websites for full-text State statutes, regulation, policy manuals and other resources
  • Resources in Spanish
    Highlights Spanish resources and organizations on the Information Gateway website (May be accessed in Spanish or English)
  • Service Improvement /System Reform
    Resources and information about improving practices, Systems of Care, Federal Child and Family Services Reviews, child welfare reform efforts, interagency collaboration, and quality improvement
  • State Statutes Database
    Summaries or full text of State statutes on issues related to child abuse and neglect, child welfare, and adoption.
  • Statistics
    Reports, databases, and other sources of statistics and demographic data on children and families, child abuse and neglect, child welfare services, children and youth in foster care, and domestic and intercountry adoption
  • Training
    Find curricula and related training materials for a variety of audiences, information on improving State and local training systems and evaluating curricula, and lists of national and State training organizations and schools of social work.
  • Workforce
    Information about and strategies to enhance the child welfare workforce, including tools and resources on organizational culture, recruitment, and retention

Key Resources on the Children's Bureau Website:

  • CFSP/APSR Toolkit
    Provides a central location for all technical assistance documents and materials, as well as references to specific laws, policies, and checklists that relate to the development of the State and Tribal Child and Family Service Plan (CFSP)/Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR).
  • Child Welfare Monitoring
    Information and resources on CFSR, IV-E, AFCARS and SACWIS reviews
  • Child Welfare Policy Manual
    Conveys mandatory policies that have their basis in Federal law and/or program regulations The Policy Manual also provides interpretations of Federal statutes and program regulations initiated by inquiries from State child welfare agencies or ACF Regional Offices.
  • The Discretionary Grants Library
    The Discretionary Grants Library is an online tool that allows you to search for and view CB program announcements and/or information related to specific CB grant projects.
  • Reports and Results of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs)
    Searchable State-by-State database containing Statewide Assessments, Final Reports, Program Improvement Plans (PIPs), and Individual Key Findings Reports
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