Who We Are

MCWIC’s project team members possess diverse backgrounds and expertise in child welfare and key supporting disciplines: social work, organizational behavior, law, psychology, and public health. Our team has experience in a wide variety of roles, such as trainer, prosecutor, policy analyst, guardian ad litem, Associate Tribal Judge, Indian Child Welfare Association liaison, program evaluator, educator, defense attorney, child protection worker and supervisor, agency administrator, psychologist, juvenile parole worker, and consultant. MCWIC is located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Center on Children, Families and the Law (UNL-CCFL), a multidisciplinary center devoted to teaching, research and public service on issues related to child and family policy and services. In addition to the core project staff, our work will draw upon the extensive resources of the Children’s Bureau’s T/TA Network, other UNL-CCFL staff and faculty, and external consultants as appropriate, depending upon the requirements of the specific project proposals that are selected for implementation.

Project Directors

Core Project Staff and Consultants

Additional Project Staff

The project draws upon the expertise of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center on Children, Families and the Law. These faculty and staff are available to serve as resources and consultants to implementation projects as needed.

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